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"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can."
- Danny Kaye -

Chicago Fire, MLS mascots, Sparky & Humo, at Soldier Field Rotating soccer ball - HatTrick

What's New?

CH. HatTrick N RiverRd's Gotta Fly RN "Peter"- Finishes his AKC Championship.

HatTrick's Maradona - "Maradona"- Wins Best In Sweeps at the Detroit Dalmatian Club Summer specialty.

Wins RWB and Group 4 AOH at the CDC Specialty.

CH. HatTrick's Visual Voodoo- "Puppo"

Wins Best of Opposite Sex Wins WB/BOW at the Detroit Dal Specialty June 2009.

Wins at the Detroit Dal Specialty June 2008, for a 4 point major.

CH. Glen Oaks N HatTrick Tinkerbell - "Tinkerbell" -
Finishes her Championship.

CH. Gotspotz Simplee Irresistable - "Chanel"Finishes her AKC Championship.

CH. HatTrick's Power of Intention - "Bree"Finishes her AKC Championship.

CH. Legacy N HatTrick's Calamity Jane - "Janie" She goes WB at the 2007 Tulas Specialty and wins the next day. Back to back 4 point majors to finish her championship.

UAGII UCD Hattrick's Steal My Heart CDX RE OA NAJ CC RDX - "Simi" earns more titles. Yeah, Julie. 


About us.
Meet the Dals.

Meet some of the HatTrick Dals and their friends.

"Fire" Plug
Meet "Humo" the mascot of the MLS (Major League Soccer Team) the Chicago Fire.

Dalmatian Anatomy
Dal Information.
Dalmatian Diet
History of the Breed

Caring for your Dalmatian

Coat Colors
and variations seen in the breed.

Information on deafness, eyes, hips, skin, seizures, general maintenance and health related links.

Dog Bowl
Information on the Raw Diet . Lots of links.


A Puppy Story - Shows a litter from breeding through various stages of its life, to going home.

Breeding tips, Whelping box.

Puppy Info.
Where to get a puppy, feeding, naming your puppy
, etc.

Giving a puppy as a gift

What's In The

Puppies Available

Current and Upcoming Litters

Listings of current and future litters.

Other Dals Available
Listings of current older puppies, adults, rescue or retired show dogs/champions available.

Toy Box
Activities to do with your Dog.

Kids & Dogs

Photos and information about our trips to Crufts, Crufts 2001, Irish Kennel Club and Westminster.

Information on Showing.

Poop Scoop
Upcoming shows, events, seminars, etc.

Catalogs & recommended books.

Doggie Bag
to Dal related sites, dog magazines, organizations, products, dog show links, health info., diet, clipart, fun stuff, recipes, etc.

Pet Loss

Tips on traveling with your dog,. S
hipping Your Dog, links to travel related sites, etc.

The Pack Leader
Dominance & aggression, clicker training, seminars, links, etc.

Pink Heals Tour
Coming soon

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