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We have been involved in showing, exhibiting and breeding strictly Dalmatians since 1991. Maureen worked as a veterinary technician in a surgical specialty practice for almost 4 1/2 years. This has been a valuable education in the understanding of structure, surgery, handling, and general health care of healthy and injured animals.

One of our dog's, Tugger has been the mascot for a Major League Soccer team, the Chicago Fire,since 2000. His team name is "Humo". Check out Chicago Fire for more photos and information.

Over the years, we have been on radio programs, been in documentaries, on the local news, in local parades, shown dog's for people at Cruft's and the St. Patrick's Day dog show in Dublin, Ireland. We have been to Westminster, as spectators, as well as many other dog shows in the USA, Canada and other countries.

One of our hobbies is photography. Many of our photographs can be seen on our website. Please enjoy but, do not take them or use them without permission.

With very limited advertising, we have placed pet & show puppies from coast to coast, as well as, in Canada. Our puppies do not just go to new homes, many of the new owners also become part of our extended family. We have had wonderful people come into our lives as a result of our dog hobby. Many of our dogs have won awards at the Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty, as well as numerous regional specialties.

For all owners of HatTrick Dalmatians, we are available to answer questions, day or night. This extends throughout the life of the Dal. We try to keep current on all Dalmatian and dog related issues by attending seminars/lectures, events, shows and subscribing to several internet lists. If we cannot answer a question, we can generally find an answer through fellow exhibitors and dog friends.

We actively exhibit our Dalmatians in the conformation ring with plans to branch out into performance events. Many of the pet puppies we place are of the quality being shown or better. We are also getting involved in agility and obedience. We are or have been members of: The Dalmatian Club of America, The Chicagoland Dalmatian Club, IL Dog Breeders Association, Park Shore All Breed Kennel Club and the British Dalmtian Club. Our "travels" have taken us to all parts of the US, Canada and Europe. We enjoy traveling to all parts of the world to see dog shows and learn more about our breed and dogs in general. Mike even handled a Dalmatian while at the 2003 St. Patirck's Show in Dublin, Ireland.

We do not believe in contributing to animal shelter or rescue over-population problems. As a result, we take back any puppies/dogs, produced by HatTrick Dalmatians, if they cannot stay in their homes. All pets are placed on a AKC limited registration and spay/neuter contracts. All show are placed on AKC full registration. We DO NOT sell, place or give away puppies or adults to wholesalers, pet shops, or puppy mills.

Many new owners find HatTrick puppies very intelligent and quick to learn. This is due to a variety of things we do early on in the puppy's life. Many of our puppies have, are now getting started or have been involved in performance events (i., e., agility, tracking, obedience, road trials, etc.).We like to encourage our puppy owners to become more involved with their puppy/dog.

HatTrick puppies are weaned and raised an a diet consisting of a RAW food diet. Since puppies bones, tissues, muscles, skin and organs can only be grown once, we believe in providing them the best start. We encourage but, do not require that new owners feed or incorporate a raw or a partially raw regimen into their Dalmatians diet. We find that dogs that are feed the best foods will grow up to be healthly and happy pets.

Our website is geared at helping people understand the Dalmatian and dogs in general. Enjoy!

 "...My Water is a different water.
Not every man can drink it.
My writing is of a different letter.
Not everyone can read it.
My love is a different love.
Not everyone can understand it..."

Passage from the "Troubador", by Sayat Nova


"Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?'"
- Brian Tracy


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