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Agility Trials
Test a dog's ability to handle different obstacles.

Agility Trials

Canine Freestyle
Canine Freestyle is a choreographed performance with music, illustrating the training and joyful relationship of a dog and handler team.

Canine Freestyle Federation, INC.

Evaluate how well a dog conforms to its breed standard (how the dog should look, move and behave). Every breed has its own breed standard. For more information check out Showing .




Flyball Links
Houston Flyball Association
North American Flyball Association, Inc.
Play Ball! Canine Flyball, That Is
UK Flyball
What is Flyball?

Flyball graphic



Flying Disc


Obedience Trials

Test how well a dog responds to commands.

United States Dog Obedience & Agility Championships
Obedience Trials - The sport of obedience


Road Trial
Test a dog ability to coach. Dalmatians only.

DCA Road Trial rules 


Search and Rescue
Uses a dog's senses and ability to find people.

National Association for Search and Rescue
Search and Rescue

Service/Therapy Dogs

Canine Assistants
Service Dogs and Other Animals
Getting Involved in Therapy


Tracking Tests
Test how well a dog can find something by using its sense of smell.

AKC Tracking Regulations
Craig Green's Tracking Articles
The Tracking Page
Tracking Guide



Hiking and Backpacking
Hiking with your Dog


Hunting Tests & Field Trials
Test a dog's ability to perform and hunt in the field.

Getting Started In Field Events

Lure Coursing Tests & Trials
Test a dog's ability to chase an object.

Herding Tests & Trials
Test a dog's ability to herd livestock.

Earthdog Trials
Test a dog's ability to chase vermin from underground. This test is mainly for terriers and smaller breeds of dogs.

Regulations for Earthdog Tests


Not all AKC registered purebred dogs are eligible to compete in every event. Certain breeds were bred to perform certain tasks. Certain events were then created to test their ability to perform those tasks.


Canine Eventing is one of the fastest growing of all the canine sports today. Originally started in Great Britain, it is patterned after the Equestrian Three Day Event.
Games to Play With Your Dog
Over Rover - Agility Equipment
The Canine Good Citizenship Test
Tricks, Tricks, Tricks

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Red Fire Hydrant

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