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Any tips listed should not be considered a replacement for proper veterinary care. Consult your vet before trying any alternative treatments.We do not necessarily endorse use of all products or suggestions listed. Use common sense when trying anything listed. Consult Poison Control If you suspect a substance might be harmful to your pet.

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Mix together:
1 packet of gelatin and 10 oz of boiling water
Let cool.

1 can evaporated milk
1 tbsp of clear Karo syrup
1 tbsp of Mayonnaise
1 tbsp of yogurt
1 egg yoke

Add all of the above with the cooled gelatin mixture.

By Beverly Abramson


Best recipe for oozy ears
Clean ears daily with:
50% Listerine & 50% rubbing alcohol

Give dog:
1 Tums daily
1 tsp plain yogurt to food twice a day.

This works great. When the ears clear up you can drop the tums and clean the ears two to three times per week with the other solution. I would continue the yogurt make sure on the yogurt (make sure that flavored isn't used. It contains sugars that the yeasty stuff thrives

Also have the dog tested for thyroid problems. One of my
spaniels has a thyroid problem and this keeps it in check.
As far as diet, look to remove corn, wheat, and soy from the diet. These are common allergens for dogs. I know that Solid Gold doesn't have any of
these and there's a Nutro product out there that doesn't have these things either.

D. Selph


For the runny goop around eyes:
Try wiping eyes with a cotton swab dipped in boric acid soution for eyes
or use human eye wash on cotton.



10:1 bleach solution

Do not use commercial cleaners around new born or young puppies. It can kill them.



Puppy Formulas




Whelping Aid

Tree Sap Removal

In case anyone is interested, I did a tally of the suggestions sent to me for Tree Sap Removal. Here is the tally:

All of the rest I received were suggestions I received only once:

Now folks, I am not suggesting I have become an expert on tree sap removal, nor am I suggesting that any of these is guaranteed safe. I would encourage anyone to use common sense when applying any of these substances,
and to be sure the dog's skin is not sensitive by first testing it on a small area, etc., and making sure it is thoroughly removed once the treatment is finished.

There were several items on the list that I, myself, would hesitate to use, but trust that others have used them successfully.

G. Passman


 Skunk Spray Remedies

Skunk Defensive Secretion

1 quart of 3% peroxide,
1/4 baking soda,
1 teaspoon liquid dish soap.

Apply and rub into the dog while the mixture is still fizzing and leave on
for at least five minutes. Rinse the dog well with plain water. Repeat if
necessary. The smell may not be completely gone, but it (should be) much

This baking soda/peroxide mixture does work at alleviating skunk odor but be
careful when using and don't store it in a container for any length of time
inside your home. Reportedly, the chemical mixture could react when stored
and cause the storage container to explode.

Treatment for the eyes which can be dilated and the edges which were normally
white were dark red. Rinse repeatedly with saline solution (same as for a
human contact user) seems to help. Skunk oil burns.

2. Lemon juice, about 16 oz. mixed with about 1/2 gal. of water. Using a
kids wading pool just keep pouring the mixture over the dogs, then let them
outside to "air dry".

3. The tomato juice thing works a little but also try Massengill Douche. The
product was never intended for this use but after trying some folks thought
it worked.

4. I poured white vinegar all over her, let soak for about 5 minutes, rinsed,
then shampoo and cream rinse, smells fresh as a daisy now....


Skunky House?
To get rid of the smell in the house try burning green pine needles. It
works great for getting rid of the smell, the green pine needles smolder and
the smoke eliminates the odor. Also works for our automobiles when a skunk
was hit.

Take several of the BIG boxes of baking soda and sprinkle them all over the
house, let them sit for a couple of days and then vacuum! Works great on most
smelly odors.

Skunky Breath?
a. Give the dog tomato juice for his breath,
b. Rinsed out her mouth with a cotton swab dipped in vanilla extract


Odor Removal
In House/Yard



Instructions for various remedies and cures - Hot Spots, making cool mats, etc.