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Line of Dalmatian puppiesLine of Dalmatian puppies
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If you are seriously thinking of breeding your dog or bitch, take some time to read the various articles listed here. Also, go to the book store or library and read up on what is involved in breeding.

Barking those backyard breeder blues - Excellent article from PAWS magazine
Breeding for Fun and Profit - but not much else - Article by Gary Wilkes
Breeding Your Dog
*Breeder* What that word means to me, as a hobby breeder
For Sale - To A Good Home
Getting Started As A Responsible Breeder
Interested In Breeding Your Dog? - By Diane Richardson
I Love Puppies - By Tommy Dwyer - Breeder, Trainer and former small town animal control officer
Reality of Breeding Dogs
Should I Breed My Dog???
Should Sassy have puppies? - There's more involved than you might think. . .
Should I Breed My Dog? - "But My Dog..."
Should You Breed Your Dog Or Bitch?
So you think you might like to have puppies ?
So...You Want To Be A Breeder
So You Want to Breed Your Bitch - A Consideration for the Would Be Casual Breeder
The Decision To Breed Requires Thought and Careful Planning
Think Carefully before Breeding Your Own Pet
Thinking About Breeding Your Great Dog?
Thoughts on Responsible Breeding
To Breed Or Not To Breed, That Is The Question!
What is a Breeder?
What is a Responsible Breeder?


So you think you want to be a breeder?

Ask yourself these questions BEFORE you consider breeding your Dalmatian:

Any Dal with the following health problems should not be bred: Iris Spintcher Dysplasia, with or known to produce Heart Problems, Thyroid Problems, consistent Allergy Problems , Temperament problems (overly shy or overly aggressive), Seizures, with or Hip Dysplasia, Immune Disorders, consistent Stone Problems.

Many of the above problems will be passed on to offspring making them an affected or a carrier of the problem. If a dog produces 1-2 puppies with a problem, out of many without a problem, it does not mean he should be completely eliminated from the gene pool. However, the breeder should try to figure out where the problem may have come from.

Breeding recessive problems can make them become dominant issues over time. Be very careful to do what is right, by the breed that you love.


You have decided to breed your Dalmatian.
What next?

  •  Is the male/female you want to breed to of good quality and sound temperament? Are they free of any faults in accordance with the AKC Dalmatian standard?
  • Do you know how to locate male/female of good breeding quality? How do you know it is of good quality? Does it have a good temperament? Do the dog's parents and grandparents also have good temperaments? Is the dog free of any major illness' or allergy problems? Were its parents and grandparents?
  • Has the potential stud/brood bitch been BAER Hearing tested? Tested for any genetic diseases (CERF/OFA/thyroid, etc.)?
  • Do you have a good vet that you can trust?
  • Do you have enough money set a side in the event something goes wrong?
  • Is your dog/bitch up to date on all their vaccinations?
  • Has your Dal had a stool sample checked or have they been wormed recently?
  • Do you have any serious homes lined up and have they given me a deposit?
  • Have you had a Brucellosis test done and has it come up negative?



Basic Breeding Principles
-Author unknown -

1. Remember that the animals you select for breeding today will have an impact on the breed for many years to come. Keep that thought firmly in mind when you choose breeding stock.
2. You can choose only two individuals per generation. Choose only the best, because you will have to wait for another generation to improve what you start with. Breed only if you expect the progeny to be better than both parents.

3. You cannot expect statistical predictions to hold true in a small number of animals (as in one litter of puppies). Statistics only apply to large populations.

4. A pedigree is a tool to help you learn the good and bad attributes that your dog is likely to exhibit or reproduce. A pedigree is only as good as the dog it represents.

5. Breed for a total dog, not just one or two characteristics. Don't follow fads in your breed, because they are usually meant to emphasize one or two features of the dog at the expense of the soundness and function of the whole.

6. Quality does not mean quantity. Quality is produced by careful study, having a good mental picture of what you are trying to achieve, having patience to wait until the right breeding stock is available and to evaluate what you have already produced, and above all, having a breeding plan that is at least three generations ahead of the breeding you do today.

7. Remember that skeletal defects are the most difficult to change.

8. Don't bother with a good dog that cannot produce well. Enjoy him (or her) for the beauty that he represents but don't use him in a breeding program.

9. Use out-crosses very sparingly. For each desirable characteristic you acquire, you will get many bad traits that you will have to eliminate in succeeding generations.

10. Inbreeding is a valuable tool, being the fastest method to set good characteristics and type. It brings to light hidden traits that need to be eliminated from the breed.

11. Breeding does not "create" anything. What you get is what was there to begin with. It may have been hidden for many generations, but it was there.

12. Discard the old cliché about the littermate of that great producer being just as good to breed to. Littermates seldom have the same genetic make-up.

13. Be honest with yourself. There are no perfect dogs (or bitches) nor are there perfect producers. You cannot do a competent job of breeding if you cannot recognize the faults and virtues of the dogs you plan to breed.

14. Hereditary traits are inherited equally from both parents. Do not expect to solve all of your problems in one generation.

15. If the worst puppy in your last litter is no better than the worst puppy in your first litter, you are not making progress. Your last litter should be your last litter.

16. If the best puppy in your last litter is no better than the best puppy in your first litter, you are not making progress. Your last litter should be your last litter.

17. Do not choose a breeding animal by either the best or the worst that he (or she) has produced. Evaluate the total get by the attributes of the majority.

18. Keep in mind that quality is a combination of soundness and function. It is not merely the lack of faults, but the positive presence of virtues. It is the whole dog that counts.

19. Don't allow personal feelings to influence your choice of breeding stock. The right dog for your breeding program is the right dog, whoever owns it. Don't ever decry a good dog; they are too rare and wonderful to be demeaned by pettiness.

20. Don't be satisfied with anything but the best. The second best is never good enough.



Puppy milk replacement
Sylvia Lueck, DVM, Trengate Pem Corgi's, Lacey, WA

1 - can Goat Milk
2/3 cup water
1 - raw egg yolk
1 - TBS light Karo syrup
Big blob of full fat Yogurt (vanilla)

Mix well, with as few bubbles as possible. Let sit to let air bubbles settle. Give 1/2 cc per ounce of body weight every 2 hours.

'Fading puppies'

See Diet, Making Kefir & The Whelping Box


Line of milk bone dogs treats

"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the reason why so few engage in it."
- Henry Ford -


If you are going to breed you should know to understand a pedigree. Who's who and what their certifications, titles, colors, etc. It will give you a better understanding of what you are working with and what you need to accomplish.

Title abbreviations


Inbreeding & Related

A Genetic Primer for Breeders
Breeding - Dogs or Pedigrees?

Demystifying Inbreeding Coefficients
Eliminating Genetic Disease
Inbreeding I
Inbreeding and its effects on the immune system
Inbreeding Coefficient - How does it work?
Inbreeding Coefficient
Inbreeding and Diversity
Inbreeding: Its Meaning, Uses and Effects on Farm Animals
The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Disease Control - Discusses inbreeding, line breeding & outbreeding, etc.
Inbreeding, Line breeding and Crossbreeding
Genetic Diversity - the Dark Side of Inbreeding
Genetic Load
Genetic Testing: A Guide for Breeders
Mendel's Genetics - Mendel's research was with plants, the basic underlying principles of heredity that he discovered also apply to people and other animals because the mechanisms of heredity are essentially the same for all complex life forms.
Purebred Dog Breeds into the Twenty-First Century: Achieving Genetic Health for Our Dogs
Significant Genetic Relationships
The Lhasa and the Chocolate Cake
The Argument for Assortative Mating
The Nature of Genetic Disease
The Value of Population Genetics to the Breeder



Critical Periods in Canine Development - Neonatal period through 49 days explained
Evaluating Your Puppies
- Part I - by Dr. Alvin Grossman
Evaluating Your Puppies - Part II - by Dr. Alvin Grossman




AKC Papers

Limited Registration - Many breeders will use this as a way to ensure puppies out of a particular dog or bitch can not be registered. If a breeder feels that animal should not be bred they will check a particular box on the AKC registration papers. If the owner goes against their wishes and breeds the dog, none of the offspring can be registered with the AKC.




Article on Neutering - Implications for Dalmatian Stone-Formers
My Name is Sam
Neutering male dogs
Ocean Beach Veterinary Hospital - Spay Slide show!
Reproduction - When to Spay

Stud Dogs

A stud dog should be a good representation of his breed type. If you don't know you need to go over your breed standard with a knowledgeable breeder. They can let you know if your dog fits the standard for the breed.

Hopefully he should be able to achieve some type of title whether it be in performance, conformation, obedience, etc. He should be healthy, of good mind and body. Many AKC titled dogs are never used at stud. Just because your dog is an AKC registered dog does not imply he is of good quality. It just means that the AKC can prove that your dogs relatives were all "your breed of dog" for 4 generations.

Not all males should be allowed to reproduce. "Jr." is so handsome, he should be able to pass on his genes is not a good enough reason to use your male at stud. It is important to know about his parents and grandparents. He may produce no puppies like himself but more like his ancestors.

Care and Training of Stud Dogs
Do's and Don'ts on Stud Work
Information Required Before Contracting For Stud Service
I want to stand my dog at stud can you help me?

To Stud or Not To Stud
Practical Considerations In Offering A Dog At Stud
Pre- breeding exam for the stud dog
So You Want To Use Your Dog At Stud



Breeding Myths

 Myth #1  If your purebred bitch is bred by a mongrel.....she will never be able to have purebred puppies, because the next time she becomes pregnant those mongrel sperm will become activated. Sperm do not survive that long and cannot be reactivated.
 Myth #2  I love my dog/bitch and I want a puppy just like them. It is very rare to get a puppy that is identical to your dog. You might get one more like their parents or grandparents or the stud dog or bitch. Make sure you like these dogs and that they are as good tempered and as healthy as your dog.
Myth #3   Everyone says they want a puppy if I breed my dog/bitch. Until you have a deposit to prove it, do not believe it. Sometimes people will say that but not really mean it. Also people's circumstances can change before you get around to breeding the dog/bitch.


Breeding Related Articles/Info.

Announcing The Miracle of Birth Video Tape
Can Pesticides Cause Birth Defects? - A breeder links flea products to cleft palates. The article is near the bottom of the site.
Canine Abortion - Causes
Cryptorchids - A Breeder's Opinion by Tommy Dwyer
Current Issues in Canine Reproduction
How NOT to Advertise
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Questions & Answers: Breeding and Whelping Puppies
Reproduction (Heats and Pregnancies) in Dogs
Reproduction - When to Breed
Thoughts on Brood Bitches - Breeding, pregnancy, whelping, eliminating from breeding


Breeding Health

Fecal Exams and Deworming Schedule
Infectious Causes of Reproductive Failure
Infectious Disease - Herpes Virus
Mycoplasma and Reproductive Systems
Protecting Your Dog From
Stress, Infertility and Herpes Infection


Breeding Genetics

An Introduction To Genetics
Building Up A Bitch Line
Demystifying Inbreeding Coefficients
It's all in the genes
The Price of Popularity: Popular Sires and Population Genetics
The role of inheritance in behavior
The Canine Diversity Project


Breeding Misc.

Breeding Your Dog FAQ
Icg Status-LH (Luteinizing hormone test) - For a high-degree of ovulation timing accuracy. A must in frozen semen inseminations. For timing elective c-section.
Pre- breeding exam for the brood bitch
Progesterone test - Detects Progesterone rise in canine serum allowing estimation of the fertile period. Provides accurate timing, important in natural breedings and artificial inseminations.
Sample Sales Contracts
Seasonals - Pants for in heat dogs
Strength & Courage
Dog Folk - Pat Hastings website - The puppy puzzle & Tricks of The Trade seminar information.
Vaccinations for Dogs & Puppies


Pedigree Programs

Breeders Assistant For Dogs
Breed Mate Pro
-The complete Pedigree Software package for dog, cat & horse breeders.
Champion Software Solutions, Inc.
CompuPed - genetic database research and pedigree program
Man's Best Friend Software
Pedigree Generator
Pedigree Java Applet Page - Free Pedigree Generator
The Breeder's Data Manager® (TBDM) - BreederWare offers high quality Windows® software programs
The Breeder's Standard - Dog breeder's software
Trulove Software - Offers a true 32-bit Windows 98, Win NT and Win 2000 program for breeders.


Pregnancy & puppies

Animal Reproduction Management Products - Birth Alert - Birth Monitor & Ovatec - Ovulation Sensor. Increase chances of males or females by timing.
Common Causes of Neonatal Illness
Dr. Dodds Vaccine Schedule for Puppies
Maternal Antibody
Pregnancy - False
ReproCHEK - Identifies pregnant dogs as early as 21 days after breeding.
Treating a Sick New Born Puppy
Weaning Puppies


Reproduction/ICG Freezing/Infertility

A Clinical Approach to Infertility in the Bitch
Animal Fertility Clinic - Mike Freeman D.V.M. - Great breeding related articles
Artificial Insemination - Planning an ICG Express Chilled Extended Semen Breeding
Artificial Insemination (AI)
Canine Cryobank, Inc.
Disorders Affecting Fertility in the Male Dog
Canine Semen Freezing Network
Dr. Bob Hutchison - Ohio
Map to locate a Canine Reproduction veterinarian in the United States, or on the appropriate link opposite to search the rest of the world.
Freezing Ovaries
Fresh extended semen (FES)
Reproduction and the Bitch
Reproductive Complications Affecting Fertility and Pregnancy in the Bitch
Reproduction and the Male Dog

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