HatTrick Dalmatians is proud to be the home of "Humo", the LIVE Dalmatian mascot for the Chicago Fire (Major League Soccer team)
games at Soldier Field (Chicago). Meet Tugger - aka "Humo" (his CF team name, which means "smoke" in Spanish). He takes his duties seriously. He adores the fans and cannot wait to be out on the field.

Humo had the honor of attending the MLS Cup Final Championships in Washington DC. (held at the RFK stadium) and Carson/LACalifornia (Home Depot Center).


Chicago Fire Soccer mascots - Dalmatians

(Notice the shape of the spots on Sparky!)

2003 Supporters Shield (given to the team with the best regular-season record)
2003 Eastern Conference regular season crown
2003 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Champions
2003 "Humo" earns his AKC Championship - only MLS mascot with a championship!!!!

2001 Central Division Champions!
2000 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Champions
2000 Central Division Champions!
MLS Cup '98 Champions
1998 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Champions

Humo's Photo Album

 Be nice to dogs & cats...you never know when they will be bigger than you.

Dalmatian at the Chicago Fire soccer game with Sparky & Toni the Tiger
(c) 2018 Deer

Sparky, Toni the Tiger (Kellogg's mascot) and Humo

Tugger aka "Humo" at the MLS Chicago Fire Game at Soldier Field
(c) 2018 Deer

Humo and Mike get a different prespective of the game.

 Fireworks for the Chicgao Fire and team Dalmatian
(c) 2018 Maureen Deer

Pre-game fireworks - on the field

Tugger aka "Humo" jumps into owners arms at the MLS Chicago Fire Soccer game
(c) 2018 Maureen Deer

Pre-game - on the field

(c) 2018 Maureen Deer

"Humo" loves the attention from the kids.
(c) 2018 M. Deer

"Humo" has become a crowd favorite. Kids even try to dress like him.

HatTrick Dalmatian with Sparky the Chicago Fire Soccer team mascot

Dalmatian puppy with Chicago Fire soccer ball
(c) 2018 M. Deer

When I grow up I want to be just like Humo.......


Fire fans are the BEST!!!

Lo lo lo lo lo lo lo - Go Fire!!!!!

Fire, fire fire! Lalalala, lalalala, lalalalalalala!

Some of the most enthusiastic "footy" fans are the
Barn Burners (the main Chicago Fire fan club). Barn Burners 1871 info line - (312) 683-5197. Need tix for Section 8 (Barn Burner section)? -- Andrew Stengren (888)MLS-FIRE. Join the Barn Burners email list at: http://www.egroups.com/group/chicago-fire.

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Did you know that in many other parts of the world soccer is referred to as football?

Some soccer fans refer to football as passball and "soccer" as football.


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