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Animated Dalmatian clipart


Dal Related

Animal Krackers
Carol Lew: Old World Dog Portraits
- General Dalmatian portait in military garb, as well as other breeds.
Dalmatian Stamps - Stamps of Dals from around the world.
Dalmatian Recipes

Dalmatianize - See how other animals would look with Dalmatian spots
Fi & Do the Dalmutation TM - A Meanie (spoof of Beanie babies). Fi & Do the mutated Dalmatian.
My Dalmatian Cake
Spotsters.com - Dal related - t-shirts, hats, flags, home, accessories, pet toys and supplies, mugs, flags, picture frames, magnets,
greeting cards, toys and more.

US Dalmatian Dollar

Dal/Dog Clipart

Alessandro & Katiusha - Dalmatian World - Dalmatian font, scren saver, signs, dollars, etc. Great site!
Cricket Graphics - Borders of Pugs, Min Pins, etc.
Disney Clipart - Free 101 Dal Clipart and other Disney characters from the movies/videos
Disney Clipart I - Free 101 Dal Clipart and other Disney characters from television
Disney Clipart II - Free 101 Dal Clipart and other Disney characters with a holiday theme
Dog Clipart
- Backgrounds, Photos, etc.
Doggy Designs By Katty - One dal border, other breeds as well.
Dogomania.com - Dog webgraphics
Free Dalmatian Clip Art
Harry & Dorret Goodwin's Animated GIF Archive - Rear view of dalmatian (white background), Dalmatian puppy, Dalmatian wearing firefighter's hat. Other dogs as well.
Paws & Claws
Windy's Fashionable Page Designs
WV Humane Society- Cartoon Dogs, etc.


Dalmatian Mascot Links

"Humo" & "Sparky" - Major League Soccer - Chicago Fire Mascots
"Pumper" - "OFFICIAL" Mascot of Nantucket Fire / Rescue, Motor-Medic Unit



Fire Related Clipart & Fire Links

911Tools.com collectibles - Nice Dal items

Firecatalog.com - Lots of great Dal & Firefighter items to choose from. Don't miss this one!
FireCast Gifts - Dalmatian door stop 12 inches tall
Fire Collectibles.com - Collectibles & Gifts
Fire Department Clipart
Fire Department/Fire Dogs
Fire Fighters
Fire Fighter set - Dalmatian background, bears wearing fire gear, hydrant, ladder, Dal buttons, matches
Fire GIF's & Graphics
Fire Graphics - Dals, trucks, flashing lights, flames, etc.
Firehouse.com - Web soucre for firefighters, rescue, safety & EMS
Fire Lines
Fire Misc.
Fire Places
Fire Pots
Florida Nita's Firefighter's Animationa & Graphics - Excellent resource for fire related graphics
Joseph M. Getsinger - Fine Artist and Printmaker - Several Dal prints available
New York Fire Store - Fireman Dept.Collectibles
Sacred Flames
Trucks & Fire Hydrants
Wet Dog Designs Firefighter Gift Shop - Firemen & Dalmatian windsocks, t-shirts - A fireman is Always in Heat, etc.

Dalmatian Websites (Domestic)
Ashwynn Dalmatians
Bridlewise Dalmatians
Dalmatian Club of America- The Official Web Site of the Dalmatian Club of America.
Dalmatian Club of Piedmont
Delaware Valley Dalmatian Club
E. Simendinger
Legacy Dalmatians
On the Spot Dalmatians
Silvercity Dalmatians
Stocklore Dalmatians
The Dalmatian Directory

2 Spotted Dogs


Dalmatian Websites (International)
Alessandro & Katiusha - Dalmatian World (Italy)
Australia's first Dalmatian in Cyberspace - The Reverend Taupe Dog - The World's first Dalmatian Minister of Religion
British Dalmatian Club

Dalmatian Club Of Canada (Canada)
Dalmatian Club of Finland - (Site not in English) Also see The Finnish Kennel Club's English Pages

Caesands - Finland (Site not in English)
Coastal Dalmatians - Hollola,
Kennel Alphadirato - Estonia (Site not in English)
Kennel Chatterly's
- Finland (Site not in English)

Kennel Daltales - Finland (Site not in English)
Kennel Daluki - Finland (Site in partial English)
Kennel Doh Hill´s - (Site not in English)

Kennel T-Cart - (Site not in English)

Kennel Rallallaa - Finland (Site in English)

Dalmatian Club of South Africa - (Site in English)
Dalmatiner-Austria (Site in English)

Dalmatian Club of New Mexico

Estonian Dalmatian Club – EDALK

Kennel Dalylove (Estonia)- (Site in English)

Dutch Dalmatian Club - (Site not in English)

Dalmatian Club of Norway - (Site not in English)

Kennel Spotnik - Norway (Site in English)
Gwynmor - Netherlands (Site in English)
Kennel Dalming - Norway
(Site not in English)
Kennel Dalmo - (Site in English)
Kennel Dalstable - Norway (Site not in English)
Kennel Ridotto - Norway (Site in English)
Kennel Svolværgeita - Norway (Site can be viewed in English)

Dalmatiner von Arnestowo - Switzerland (Site not in English)

Dalmatiner von Prihajowa - Switzerland (Site not in English)


Schweiz Dalmatiner Club - Switzerland (Site not in English)

De Liburnae Croatica - Croatia
Lacrima Christi - Croatia
Od Motovuna - Croatia
Dalmatino - Croatia

About Croatia, the Dalmatian's homeland

Kennel Alot Spots - (Site can be viewed in English)
First Forest
Coachrunners - Netherlands (Site in English)

Belgium Dalmatian Club - (Site not in English)

Dutch Dalmatian Club - (Site not in English)
Le Dalmatien Club Français - France (Site not in English)
Le Dalmatien Européen et les Dalmatiens Bretons - France (Site not in English)
Le Dalmatien Francais - France (Site not in English)
Mes Dalmatiens
- France (Site not in English)

La Cite Des Dalmatiens - France (Site not in English)

Kennel Firehouse

Dalmatian Club of Sweden
(Site not in English)

Kennel Redcliffe - Sweden (Site in English)

Dalmatians "Of Naire" Kennel - Czech Republic (Site in English)

Laguna Dios Dalmatians - Minsk Belarus

Terletskaya Dubrava - Russia (Site in English)

Yablonevi Tcvet- Kazakhstan (Site in English)

Dalmatian Club of Kazakhstan - Central Asia (Site in English)

"A-Dalmatian" Club - Russia (Site can be viewed in English)

Kennel Flinkvield kennel - Russia (Site not in English)
Chappaquiddick Dalmatians - Portugal
(Site not in English)
Kent Hocking (Vancouver, BC)
Club Amici Dalmata (Italy)
Italian Dalmatian Pages (Italy)
Sandro Arnetoli (Italy)
United Spots (Italy)
National Dalmatian Council of Australia
New South Wales Dal Club
Romanian Dalmatians
Toby & Mickey's Info for Dalmatian's


Dalmatian Rescue
Antelope Valley Dalmatian Rescue - CA.
Dalmatian Assistance League / Dalsavers
Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas, Inc. - TX.
Dalmatians of Southern Hope Humane Society - GA
Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado, Inc. - Colorado
Dalmatian Assistance League, Inc. - Tulsa, OK
Kentucky Dalmatians - Kentucky
Save the Dalmatians and Others Canine Rescue, Inc. - CA
The Plantation Animal Rescue & Refuge - Illinois/Indiana

Rescue Greetings - All profits from the greeting cards go to shelters and rescue organizations. Many cute Dal cards.

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