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Removing puppy dew claws

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 Dalmatian puppy having a dew claw being removed
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Pink liquid in puppy's mouth is an antibotic used to minimize risk of infection.

It is common practice in many breeds to remove the dew claws 2-4 days after birth. It should be done by a vet, who can use sterile instruments and prescribe an antibotic. Most dew claw removal is bloodless and painless. Vet uses nexabond skin glue to close the skin after dew claw is removed. Dew claws are removed as they tend to get catch on clothes and other things later in life. They also reduce the amount of nails that need to be cut. Dew claw nails are sometimes very difficult to cut in an adult dog.

Cutting puppy nails

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Puppies are born with long, needle-like nails. The theory being they could help get out of the sac at birth if mom couldn't get them out. As a result,
puppies nails should be cut shortly after birth. Then they should be kept short on a regular basis. Long, sharp nails can cut the littermates and mom's belly. Putting puppies at risk for infection and mom at risk for mastitis (mammary gland/milk infection). Cutting nails can be done using an infant nail clipper, an adult nail clipper or cat claw clipper. In a pinch, wire cutters can be used but they do not work as well. Make sure you have Kwik-stop (R) handy when cutting any nails.


Puppy Exam

Puppies should be examined within the first five days after birth by a veterinarian. To ensure they are healthy and do not have any birth defects.


Puppy Handling


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Puppies need an appropriate amount of handling in order to grow up as mentally sound adults. Too much early stimualtion can have a negative affect. Before over stimulating puppies, do research on early handling and puppy socialization.



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