Dog people are a special breed
not usually recognized by the AKC
Author unknown

They usually have crates in their living rooms. They keep messy houses, but their kennels are spotless.

They can always find a show catalog within an arms reach.

And they have kids who know more about the birds and the bees when they are five than most people know at 40.

Dog people will drive 400 miles, spend $100 on gas, $200 on a motel room and $150 on meals to bring home a 25 cent ribbon.

Dog people drive trucks, vans, and motorhomes equipped to haul crates.

And they can never be reached on weekends, unless you happpen to be at the same show.

They have trouble getting to work on time but can be at ringside by 8:00 a.m.

Dog people will give up a $150,000 home in the suburbs to move to a shack on 10 acres so they can have a $150,00 dog kennel.

Dog people have children who grow up believing "Bitch" is just another household word

Dog people have lusch green yards and never buy fertilizer.

Dog people pay the mortgage 10 days late BUT never miss a closing date for entries.

Dog people would rather be audited by the IRS than investigated by the AKC.

Dog people use dog food bags for trash and trash cans for dog food.

Dog people talk on the phone for hours to another dog person in a language known only to dog people.

Dog people have parents who think they've lost their minds, neighbors who think they're strange and doggy friends who think they're terrific!!


"If your dog doesn't like someone you probably shouldn't either."
- Unknown -