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Are they good outdoor or kennel dogs?

A: Dals are very people oriented dogs. If they are not given adequate attention they can become shy, unruly and/or destructive.

Are they good with kids?

A: As with any breed of dog, there are some dals that are great with kids and some that are not. Any breed can have an individual who likes or dislikes children. This can be due to early socialization, experiences, and or general temperament. A breeder who is very skilled at placing a dal with the appropriate temperament for your household should be sought out.

Are they hyper?

A: Again, if a dal is not given adequate attention they can become unruly and destructive. The Dalmatian was bred to be able to run with a coach for up to 35 miles a day. The average dal today could probably not do that without proper conditioning. The dal should be given an activity to help them burn of this energy in either a physical or mental capacity.

This can include frisbee, running, walking, obedience, agility, or other related classes. A well adjusted dal can make an excellent companion.

Who should own a dal?

A: If you are someone who wants a constant friend at your feet, a Dal might be right for you. They can be boisterous, stubborn and demanding at times but also very loveable and endearing dogs. Someone who is willing to train them, let them know where they fit in the family pack, take care to feed the right kind of diet appropriate for a dal, give them a roof, shelter and love will have a friend in a Dalmatian.

Do they shed?

A: Dalmatians shed year round. They do not drop their coats seasonally like some of your coated breeds (i., e., Goldens, German Shepards, etc.). You will not have huge clumps of hair around your house unless you do not clean regularly.

Do they have a doggy odor?

A: Dals do not have a doggy odor like some of your hound breeds or breeds with water resistent or oily coats. The are relatively easy to maintain and clean animals. An occassionally brushing and bath is adequate to keep their coat clean.

Are they healthy?

A: Dals, as a breed, should be relativlely healthy. Please refer to the health section, under dal information, for additional information. Always purchase your dal from a good breeder.

Are they all deaf?

A: No, not all dals are deaf. Please refer to the Deafness section, under dal information. Always purchase your dal from a good breeder who BAER hearing tests. If they are unable to do so, they should be able to direct you to a facility who can test your puppy.

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