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Bathing Tips

Showdogs-l Shampoo Survey Results


Breeder Tips

Cleaning Ears

Cleaning Your Pet's Ears

Dental Care

Brushing Teeth
Dental Care

Emptying Anal Sacs

Impacted anal glands - Signs of a problem, expressing the anal glands, avoid the problem
How To Empty Anal Sacs


How To Trim Nails...
Nail Clipping
Nail Clipping Made Easy
Nail Trimming



Tear Stains/Coat Whitener tips:

Tear Staining: Causes & Cures



Grooming Related Links:

Ask a Groomer
Intergroom conference - The largest international conference of its kind in the world.

The Groomers Mall - Grooming products and
services to professional & non-professional groomers
The Groomer Professional
Breed Specific Grooming Info Career Center
Scissoring With Mario - Scissor Care.
Proper care will extend the life of yourshears.
Summer & Pets - Some helpful grooming tips at the bottom of the page
The National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc.


Grooming Products:

Andis Company - Clippers
Clipper Vac Systems
Dri-Eaz Products - Natural Air Volume Drying equipment
EDEMCO - Dryers, tables, cages, accessories
Hydrosurge - Animal Bathing Systems
Sett-R-Rite, Inc. - Grooming tables (colors: Spruce green, Denium blue, Wine Red, Dark grey & Grape Jelly) & arms.
Table Works - Features quality grooming tables and grooming arms. The Micro Table, a small ring-side grooming table.
The Groomers Choice Pet Products - Shampoos, dryers, clippers, etc.
Wag'n Tails - Mobile Pet Grooming Vans and Trailers - New and Used Van Conversions
Vac-Groom - A light weight attachment for your clippers, designed to attach to your shop-vac.




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