Guinness kids

CH. HatTrick's Tug 'N At My Heart
CH. HatTrick's Key To My Heart

CH. Bridlewise Firelite Imakeeper
CH. Five Alarm Attention Getter
CH. Five Alarm Timeless Legacy
CH. Five Alarm N HiSpot Gitin Busy
AM/INT. CH. On the Spot's Infatuation
CH. Mainstreet's Hoo Doo On The Spot
AM/INT. CH. On the Spot's HatTrick
AM/CAN CH. On the Spot Sea Specs Flojo CD NA
CH. O'Shea's Satin HatTrick CChp
CH. HatTrick Marxhall Hum-Vee
CH. Tramac Just A Wink and A Smile

CH. O'Shea's Satin HatTrick CChp


China - A black spotted Dalmatian
(c) 2009 J. Johnmeyer

Five Alarm N HiSpot Fine China

(C) 2009 M. Callea

Tramac Jasmine Will Steal

RWB Pugent Sound Dal Specialty

Tank The Dalmatian gaiting
(C) 2009 Bass

CH. HatTrick Marshall Hum-Vee

Basket of Dalmatian puppies

These puppies are from the litter with AM/INT CH. Hoo Doo's Goldcoast Bit A Jag CGC aka "Jackie"..

Dalmatian named April

Snowood April HatTrick

CDC Best Adult In Match - Spring 1999.




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