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Dog Food, Diet, Supplements & Related:

Back To Basics: All Natural Dog Food
Flint River Ranch
Naturmix USA! - All Natural Pet Health Supplies
Natura Pet Products - Makers of Innova & California Natural Dog Food
Nature's Recipe
Old Mother Hubbard - Dog biscuits and treats, Neura and Wellness brand dog foods.
Peak Performance - Distributors of Peak™ Performance Products and EnviroSTAT
Paws-R-Us - Distributors of Solid Gold products
Pet Ag, Inc.
Sensible Choice


A Drop In The Bucket - All natural herbal remedies for horses
The American Veterinary Medical Association
Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)
Canine Health Articles - Over 200 articles
Canine Health Network
Canine Sports Medicine
Center for the Human-Animal Bond
Center For Vet Med - US Food & Drug Admin
C-DERM - Natural, Safe, Therapeutic Solutions for All Domestic Pet Care Needs
College of Veterinary Medicine - UF
Drs. Foster and Smith's PetEducation.com - Comprehensive site for articles on pet healthcare, written by veterinary experts.
Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information
Home Vet
OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
National Animal Poison Control Center
Novartis Animal Health
Pfizer Animal Health
Save a Life: Learn Animal CPR
Swimming Therapy For Your Pet
TT.E.A.M.™ (Tellington-Touch Every Animal Method) - Method of training and healing animals
The Effects of Jumping on Forelimb Injuries
The Effects Of Rimadyl (CARPROFEN) on Canine Platelet Function
Vet Finder
Veterinary Medical Info - Toxins, Poisons & Other Hazards
Whiskers - Holistic Products for Pets
World Wide Web Virtual Library Veterinary Medicine


Microchips: Pro and Con
Tracing Dogs (Microchips & Tattoos)


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