How expensive is it have a litter?

Prior to Breeding
 OFA Hips
(X-rayed to check for hip dysplasia)
 Thyroid Test  $ 50
 Brucellosis test  $25-$50
 BAER Hearing
(Assuming dog hasn't been tested as a puppy)
 $40-$150 per dog depending on area and testing sites available.
 CERF  $16-$40
 Good diet and/supplements  
 Whelping Box  $75-$200
 Whelping Pen  $200 and up.
 Whelping supplies (hemostats, bulb syringe, scale, towels, etc.)

At time of Breeding
Stud Fee or Leasing fee
(Can vary by quality)
 Usually $400 - $800. For good quality dogs with health clearances.
 Travel or shipping expenses
(If stud is not a local dog)
Shipping can run $400+
(Can vary according to mode of transportation or location).
 Boarding Expenses
(If breeder charges board - not all breeders do)
 $5-$15 a day

Pre whelping

Vet care (pre-post natal)

Ultra sound


Post whelping

 Litter registration  
 Dew Claw removal $10 per puppy
 Puppy vaccinations  
 Puppy worming  
 BAER Hearing  $25-$150 per puppy depending on area and testing sites available.
 Puppy Food

Possible additional expenses
C-section $600-$900
 Mom cannot keep anything down or in. (Prescription diet or medication) $40 and up
 Euthanasia for deformed or bilaterally deaf puppies  $35-$50

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