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Irish Kennel Club Show
Dublin, Ireland

Irish flag - waving
St Patrick's Day Show
Friday, March 17th - Saturday, March18th

Friday - Hound, Toy, Utility, Gundog, Obedience, Agility & Jr. handling stakes
Saturday - Terrier, Working, Pastoral & Best In Show

This year we attended the Crufts 2000 show with Dalmatian breeder-judge, Mr. Forrest Johnson. Mr. Johnson has retired from showing/breeding Dalmatians and concentrates on Papillions these days. After Crufts, we went over to Ireland for the Irish Kennel Clubs St. Patrick's Day show in Dublin, Ireland. The members of the Irish Dalmatian Club were very nice as well as the English exhibitors.

Toby the Dalmatian
(c) 2000 Deer

Truthful Tango At Kilndandy "Toby"(McCarthy) completed his Irish Championship
by winning a Green Star & C.A.C.I.B. This win completed his dual championship (English & Irish).
He also won Best Of Breed & Utility Group 1

 Irish Dal - Fraiser
(c) 2000 Deer

Kasara Chocolate Solider "Fraiser" (Liver) & Eddie Casey
Best Dal Puppy & Puppy Utility Group 3

Eddie won the Irish Junior Handler of the Year award. Doing this allowed him to
represent Ireland at Cruft's 2000.

Beatrice the Dalmatian (c) 2000 Deer

Phidgity Perekia "Beatrice" (Graham-Weall) rec'd her Green Star & C.A.C.I.B.

The Irish Kennel Club - St. Patrick's Dog Show 2000
filed by Brian "BigDog" Beninger


Irish lady

Championships earned in Ireland are achieved in a different manner from England and the USA.

Instructions for Irish Kennel Club C.A.C.I.B. and Green Star Show

The F.C.I. require that judges must compare each individual exhibit to their standard and grade them accordingly. Dogs of exceptional quality are considered for C.A.C.I.B.(Int. Certificate) and Green Star (National Certificate).

1. Grading:

After each examination all dogs must be graded one of the following by the Judge i.e. "E" (Excellent), "V.G." (Very Good), "G" (Good) and "S" (Sufficient). Dogs with an "S" grading take no further part in the breed judging. The exhibitor will be notified of their exhibits grading by the Steward.

2. Placing:

Dogs with a "G" grading or higher are eligible for placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th as decided by the Judge in the scheduled classes.

3. Green Star: (National Title)

Only Unbeaten dogs are eligible to challenge for the Green Star.

Reserve Green Star:

Confined to dogs beaten only by the Green Star winner.

4. C.A.C.I.B. & Reserve:

Confined to dogs over 15 months old with an "E" (Excellent) grading.

5. Best of Breed:

Confined to Green Star winners.


(i) Where a dog under 15 months wins a Green Star and is not eligible for the C.A.C.I.B. the Judge may award it to another qualified dog.

(ii) All grades and awards must be completed by the Judge in the Judges book.

- From the Irish Kennel Club St. Patrick's All Breed International Championship Dog Show Catalogue -



Ribbon colors:

ShamrockFirst - Red
CloverSecond - Blue
ShamrockThird - Yellow
CloverReserve - Green

 (c) 2000 Deer

Originally known as the Swedish Foxhound (in Britain). Quite popular in Great Britain, but remains very rare in the rest of the world. The Hamiltonstövare is the 10th most popular breed in Sweden.


Dalmatian Candy wrapper
Dalmatian Spots - A candy in the UK & Ireland

Row of shamrocks

Irish Kennel Club - St Patrick's All Breed Championship Show Results
March 20-21, 1999

Native Dogs of Ireland - Irish Wolfhound, Kerry Beagle, Glen Of Imaal Terrier, Irish Setter, Irish Red & White Setter, etc.


Irish Show Scene

Irish Ferries
- The most modern fleet of ships on the Irish Sea

Red fire hydrant


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