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Dalmatian and baby
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Harold and friend share a pillow

Kids and Dalmatians can get along. Both need to be taught the rules.

New Baby

Adding A New Baby To The Pet Household


Advice on Preventing Dog Bites
Avoid Trouble with your Dog
Anti-Dog Bite Information
Does He Bite? Coloring & Activity Book
Does Your Dog Bite? - By Tommy Dwyer
Dog Bite Law
Family Dog Growling or Snapping at Family Members
How To Interpret Your Dogs Body Language
20 Tips On Preventing Dog Bites
Our Dog Hated Our Adopted Child
Preventing Dog Bites in Children
Puppy Mouthing and Hand Biting - By Joan M. Locher distributed by Alpha Affiliates
Understanding Dog Bites
When, Where and Why kids get Bit

Do's & Dont's

Do's & Dont's For Dog and Kids
Kids And Dogs
Kids & Dogs - Excellent article discusses stages of kids vs. dogs
Pet Safety & Responsibility Page

Dalmatian with baby
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