Meet the Dals

eSimi the Dalmatian  puppy dressed as a cowboy
(c) 2007 M. Deer

Bred-by, co-bred, owned or co-owned by HatTrick

AM/INT CH. HatTrick's Heatwave - "Gus"
AM/INT. CH. Snowoods Whitetail HatTrick - "Adageo"
CH. HatTrick's Tug 'N At My Heart
- "Tugger"
CH. HatTrick's Secret Reserve - "Denali"
CH. HatTrick's Play N' With Fire - "Cami"
CH. HatTrick's Power of My Heart - "Roxy"
CH. HatTrick's Key To My Heart
- "Remi"
CH. HatTrick's Power of Intention - "Bree"
CH. HatTrick's Visual Voodoo - "Puppo"
CH. Glen Oaks N Hattrick Tinkerbell - "Tinkerbell"
CH. HatTrick's Gotspotz CostaCoast - "Rainbow"
CH. HatTrick 'N Legacy Reason 2 Dream
- "Josie"
CH. Legacy 'N HatTricks Jaded Love - "Jada"

BISS CH. HatTrick's The Beat Goes On CGC - "DOG"
AM/INT. CH. HatTrick's Power Play - "Dominick"
AM/INT CH. Cyncar Miss Molly of Croatia - "Molly"
CH. HatTrick's Tearin' Up My Heart - "Kaiya"
INT. CH. HatTrick's Ol's Down The River - "Hannah"
AM/INT CH. HatTrick's Headliner - "Guinness"
HatTrick's Maradona - "Maradona"
CH. HatTrick SCD Clown At Heart - "Jay"
CH. Choco Chip Cyclone HatTrick CGC - "Cy"
CH. HatTrick N Satin Omega Rain - - "Misty"
CH. Ashwynn N HatTrick's Let's Roll - "Beamer"
AM/MEX. CH. Ashwynn N HatTrick's N'Sync - "Kelli"
CH. Ashwynn N HatTrick Uptwn Girl
- "Brinkley"
CH. Melody Ashwynn Mia Amore - "Mia"
BISS CH. Ashwynn N HatTrick Foxy Roxy - "Roxy"
CAN. CH. HatTrick Estate of The Art - "Cartier"
INT. CH. HatTrick's Miss Nicky Rose - "Nicky"
U-CD U-ACH UKC CH. HatTrick's Dream Come True CDX, UD, RA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, RE, RDX - "Robbie"
CH. Legacy N HatTrick's Calamity Jane - "Janie"
CH. Gotspotz Simplee Irresistable - "Chanel"
CH. Hattrick N RiverRd's Gotta Fly RA - "Peter"
CH. HatTrick's Hypnotic - "Donavan"

CH. HatTrick Hollytree Gina Bee - "Gina"
UAGII UCD Hattrick's Steal My Heart CDX RE OA NAJ CC RDX - "Simi"

World CH. HatTrick's Icing The Blue Line AM/CAN/MEX CD, OA, AJX - "Icing"
CH. Legacy 'N HatTrick Lancelot CD,RN,OAJ,AXJ,RD,FDX,DD-M - "Lance"
CH. O'Shea's Satin HatTrick CChp - "Trixi"
H. HatTrick Marshall Hum-Vee - "Tank"
ck's Res Ipsa Loquitur - "Res"

By our stud dogs
AM/INT. CH. On the Spot's Infatuation - "Bing"
AM/INT. CH. On the Spot's HatTrick - "Toni"
AM/CAN CH. On The Spot SeaSpecs FloJo CD NA NAJ CDX - "Flo Jo"
BISS CH. Mainstreet's Hoo Doo On The Spot - "Simpson"
CH. Bridlewise Firelite Imakeeper
- "Kayleigh"
CH. Bridlewise Hopes Lil Freckles - "Freckles"
CH. Five Alarm Timeless Legacy - "Lacy"
CH. Five Alarm Attention Getter - "Getter"
CH. Five Alarm N HiSpot Gitin Busy - "Busy"
CH. Bridlewise Pretty In Pink CGC - "Em"
CH. Tramac Just A Wink and a Smile - "Finch"
Five Alarm N HiSpot Fine China - "China"
Five Alarm Driving Force
- "Hawke"

Red Fire Hydrant


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