AM/INT CH. Cyncar Miss Molly of Croatia

(Rob x Dolly)

OFA Excellent

Molly the Dalmatian laying in the grass
(c) 1998 Bouska

If tears could build a stairway..
This stone is on Molly's grave.

Kay Berry Garden Accents

Close Up Dalmatian Photo
(c) 1998 Bouska

(Feb. 29, 1992- May 14, 1999)

Molly was taken from Janice, Emilie, Mike and I much too early. Due to the negligence of Kings Kennel in Riverwoods, IL. Anyone who would like the names of these people may send us an email and we'd be happy to pass on the information.

Our dear Molly escaped and was hit by a car. If anyone would like to know the whole story (the real story & they tried to cover it up) send us a private email.

Molly was enjoying a second round in show ring. She showed better than she ever had. She still held so much promise as a brood bitch and a show dog. We were looking forward to having a litter out of her in a few months. We miss her and our hearts still ache.

Red Rose

(c) 1998 Warren

There is nothing worse than having to pick up your frozen dog in a plastic bag.

My heart still aches for you Molly........and I miss you so much!!! 

It has taken along time to re visit Molly's webpage. Her loss is more siginificant than when she died. It is hard to tell people what happened to Molly without getting angry and sad. We can still remember being so excited about getting Molly. We learned alot from Molly. She was a wonderful dog to start with and had a nice show career considering she was novice-owner-handled except for one of her majors. She was our first champion and foundation bitch.

Molly went to visit Janice four years ago. That year the Dalmatian Club of America's National Specialty was about 10 minutes from our house. Janice offered to keep her a little longer as we were having people stay with us during the specialty. At the DCA specialty, Molly's son, Gus went WD/BOW from the BBE, to finish and become our first homebred champion. Her grandson, out of Gus's sister, finished his championship with 4 specialty majors and a Best In Sweeps at the DCA National Specialty in 1998.

Janice's daughter grew quite fond of Molly. Janice asked if Molly could stay until the end of the summer. Her daughter would be attending U of I as a freshmen in college that fall. When Molly came back she made it clear she was unhappy to be home. She ahd become very attached to Jancie and had been gone about 4 months. We decided to let Molly go back to stay with Janice. Seeing how happy Molly was made it all seem like the right thing to do. Janice become an extended family. We never really felt Molly was leaving and we would visit when we attended the monthly regional club meetings. Which were held in Janice's home town at back then.

Molly attended the international shows last fall after several years off. This past March, she attended her first AKC show in years. She went BOS at the Indy Dal Specialty with an entry of 80+ dals. Breeders and handlers were commenting on on well she still moved and what wonderful condition she was in.

When ever Janice travelled we tried to watch both Molly and her daughter, Nicky. However, there were times it was not possible. We recommended King's Kennels because the owners daughter was involved in dogs and we thought we could trust them. The first time we picked the dogs up from the kennel early because we could not stand the thought of them being there. Most kennels offer to wash teh dogs prior to pick up for a fee. Mike figured he could wash the dogs. Plus, having both been raised with dogs and boarded them, we never brought dog home who was filthy. We were shocked to find Molly covered with dried feces. We would never have sent a dog home in that condition if we had been a kennel owner. Since that time we always tried our best to take the dogs in instead of letting them be boarded. We only let them go back to that kennel because it was close and we usually picked them up early. They would stay a day or so hear until Janice was home.

About a month before Molly died, Mike had a nightmare. Molly had picked up a disease at King's Kennel (yes, that specific kennel) and died. The dogs were suppose to be boarded that weekend and Mike couldn't let them go. We had two week old puppies in the house and really didn't want ot bring in extra dogs but Mike was extremely shaken by the incident.

The week Molly was going to be boarded I kept getting a strange feelings but I kept brushing them to the side. I got a weird feeling that this would be the last time they would be boarded at that kennel. I figured they had been boarded there before and one last weekend wouldn't hurt them. Plus, we were going to be breeding Molly in a few months and we wanted to make sure nothing happened to her. I wanted to take the dogs and drop them off on Friday, instead of Thursday.



It has taken me along time to revisit this painful memory. It is bad enough that we have to deal with Molly much less be reminded of who caused the accident.

A few weeks ago I saw one of the kennel owner's daughter, who claims to be a handler at a dog show. Most decent folk would be embarrassed to be seen much less act in the manner she has been doing. While we were ringstewarding, she spent most of the show trying to stare us down. Much like a like a dominant bitch would do. This women also upset other dal exhibitors by being very nasty in the ring. Little did this "so-called" handler know the exhibitor she mouthed off to was also an AKC judge.

-- To Be Continued --

Even a year after Molly's death, we have had a difficult time completing the story about Molly without breaking down in tears. Don't know if we'll be ever be able to complete it.

See Pet Loss



Molly the Dalmatian winning group first in Sweeps
(c) 1998 Booth

Dalmatian - BOS - 1999 Indy Dal Club Specialty
(c) 1999 Skibinski

Best of Opposite Sex - 1999 Indy Dal Club Specialty
(From the Veteran class)

Molly was the 1st of the 14 champions Dolly produced. She is from the first Rob x Dolly litter.
Littermate to CH. Ami, CH. Whiz, CH. Bitsy. Molly and several of her littermates have produced DCA Natioanl Specialty winners.

Molly was a lovely bitch with a thick coat, beautiful head, nice feet. OFA Excellent - Never got a chance to CERF

Molly Litter



Pedigree for Molly

BISS AM/CAN CH. Long Last Perfect For Paisley CD
DCA National Specialty WD '89
CDC Specialty '90
GTCDC Specialty '91 & '92
Group winner
BISS CH. Sunnyglen's Spencer For Hire
CH. Indalane Blackwatch
Indalane Lady Sabrina
CH. Long Last Solar Flare (L)
CH. Long Last Living Legend
Long Last Loveable Rogue
CH. Snowood Paisley Cyncar Me Special
BIS/BISS CH. Fireman's Freckled Friend
National Specialty BOB Winner
BISS CH. Count Miquel of Tuckaway
DCA National Specialty WD '75
Diamond D's Dot to Dot
Snowood Paisley Cameo Croatia
9 pts.
AM/CAN CH. Paisley Peterbilt AM/CAN CDX TT
CH. Miss Camille of Croatia (L)

Red Fire hydrant


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