WARNING: This page shows the stages between breeding and puppy hood.
Some of the material/photos may not be suitable for all ages.

A Puppy Story


Females should be no younger than 12 months, preferably 18 months before breeding them. Stud dogs should be at least 9 months or older. Both stud dogs and brood bitches should have their health clearances or preliminary health clearances before attempting a breeding. After pedigrees have been evaluated, a breeding is arranged. The female is taken or flown to the Stud's residence. Breedings should always be assisted. Sometimes females can become frightened and snap or pull away from the attached male, injuring him.

After a male mounts and enters the female, they form a tie. A tie can last from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

Dalmatian breeding
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Remi is shown tied to stud dog, Jester.


Pregnancies last between 57-63 days in a healthy, adult female dog. It is important that mom is fed a healthy diet and stress is kept to a minimum.

Pregnant Dalmatian Bitch
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Remi is shown 4 days before she delivered her puppies.





A Dalmatian mom waiting to have puppies
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Remi is shown waiting to deliver her puppies.


 Dalmatian in whelp
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A contraction pushes the water sack through the opening of the birth canal.

 Whelping in progress in a Dalmatian
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The water sack stretches and lubricates the birth canal.

 Dalmatian puppy being delivered
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A head appears with the sack still on.


Dalmatian puppy at birth 
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Dalmatian puppies are actually born with their spots on their skin. The spots are visiable when the puppy is still wet, after coming out of the sack. Once the puppies are dried, the fur will be white and no spotting will usually show through until they are around 2 weeks of age.



 Nails on a newborn Dalmatian puppy
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Newborn nails can be sharp. They should be cut soon after birth.


Dew Claws

Dew claws are usually removed between the 3-4 days after whelping. Once puppies get to the 5 day mark, a puppy usually has to be sedated to do them. Dew claws are generally removed to avoid future problems with catching of snagging something and ripping. Removal also means two less toe nails to cut throughout the dogs life.

 Dalmatian with dew claw being removed
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If done at the proper age, there should be very little, if any pain.
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Vet checks to make sure all of the bone has been removed before closing incision.

A vet can opt to give a shot to numb the area before starting the dew claws.

Close up of dew claw
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Close up views of puppy with dew claw being removed.

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Once the dew claw is removed, Nexabond (surgical glue) is used to close the incision
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Once the dew claw is removed, Nexabond (surgical glue) is used to close the incision.

If done at the proper age, there should be very little, if any bleeding.

Nexabond (surgical glue) is used to close the incision.
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Nexabond (surgical glue) is used to close the incision.

Puppy may be placed on amoxi drops for 5-10 days to reduce risk of infection.




Dalmatian puppy with their first meal Dalmatian puppies eating
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Puppies can start being fed a gruel about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks of age. Puppies will still urge on mom for several more weeks while they also transition to a more solid food. The meals can be quite messy.




Most breeders will assume that a puppy has worms and will worm them automatically. Not all puppies will pass worms. Worming should be done according to the product or by a vets supervision. Many breeders have particular brand of worming product they prefer to use. Most worming can be started anywhere around the 2-4 weeks. Puppies need to be weighed before being wormed in order to make sure proper dosage is being given for their weight. Whatever product is used, worming needs to be repeated usually two weeks after the initial treatment. The first treatment kills any adult worms. The second treatment kills any new worms that may have hatched after the initial treatment.

For more information on worms see

 Abottle of Nemex puppy wormer and a syringe
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 Dalmatian puppy beinf weighed
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 Dalmatian puppy being given a dewormer
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BAER Hearing Testing

Breeders usually BAER hearing test their puppies at around 6 weeks of age. Electrodes are placed under the skin to record the brain wave activity of the sound transmitted through the foam ear piece. This is a painless procedure. Puppies usually squirm from being held, not from the electrodes being placed in or the test itself.

 Dalmatian puppy being BAER Hearing tested
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 Dalmatian puppy with electordes being put on for a BEAR Hearing test
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Equipment used to BAER Hearing test

Photo A
Ear piece used for the BAER Hearing testing
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Photo A is a closeup of the piece that goes in the ear during the test. It emits the sound waves that are detected by the electrodes.

 Photo B
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Photo B is of the electrodes that go under the skin during the BAER hearing test.

For more information on BAER Hearing see Health.



Breeders usually vaccinate their puppies at around 6 weeks of age. Breeders usually have specific regimens they follow regarding vaccinations.
For more information on vaccinations see

 Canine vaccinations
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 Dalmatian puppy being vaccinated
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Playtime is very imporant for puppies. A wider variety of toys or objects used helps build confidence, and a variety of other important skills.
Also see
Puppy Classes/Socialization/Developmental Stages.

Dalmatian puppy playing in kiddie pool
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Dalmatian puppy playing with hose (c) 2018 Deer   Dalmatian puppy playing with hose(c) 2018 Deer   

Horseplay between two Dalmatian puppies (c) 2018 Deer   Balancing table for puppy development
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 Dog walk for puppies
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 Little Tykes toys for puppies
(c) 2018 Deer 
 Little Tykes toys for puppies
(c) 2018 Deer 
 Dalmatian puppy playing with kiddie tpy
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Play tube for puppy development(c) 2018 Deer  Dalmatian Puppies sleeping in a tube toy(c) 2018 Deer 

Some toys serve double duty -
they make a great napping place.






Going home


Dalmatian puppy in a swimming pool
(c) 2018 Meddock 

One puppy enjoys the pool at her new home.


Red fire hydrant


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