Where do rescue Dals come from?

Some Dals are turned into rescue organizations for the variety of reasons: poor temperaments, biting, too high energy, owner is moving, dog has not been properly trained or socialized, wrong type of dog for the household, owner no longer wants it because it is not a cute puppy anymore, no time for the dog, dog has eaten the couch, etc. Many rescues have also been dropped off at shelters, then the rescue organizations have been allowed to oversee their placement. These dogs usually stay in foster homes until they can be adopted out unto a permanent home.

The majority of rescue dogs are from backyard, irresponsible breeders and/or puppy mills. This is because most reputable breeders have contracts stating they will take back any dogs they produce, regardless of the situation.

What you should know if you'd like to help rescue?

If you want to help out with Dal rescue there are many ways to do so: donate your time, donate supplies, offer to evaluate tempermaments (this should only be left to persons with extensive experience with Dalmatian temperaments) or offer to foster a Dalmatian. Contact the individual organizations for information on how you can help out.

Good rescue organizations will not place any of the following Dalmatians: bilaterally deaf (deaf in both ears), still intact (with no spay/neuter contract or agreement), aggressive (dominant or fearful) or known biters.

"As scarce as good homes are for rescue Dals, DCARE strongly urges anyone thinking about doing rescue to thoroughly evaluate the temperment of any rescued Dal. Then, ask the million dollar question - is this a dog who will adapt well to what people will throw at him/her? We do agressive and/or biting dogs NO favors by increasing their stress by rehoming them. Not every Dalmatian can be saved. We do owe them peace, as gently and lovingly as we can give it. On a personal note, please also remember that there is no such thing as a childless environment....We must promote stable temperments in our breed. I believe that is an essential part of correct type".

Betsy Smith of FireSmith, in Broad Run, Virginia

Dal Rescue Organizations

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