Since we fly dogs quite a bit we'd like to some tips that we have learned. Hopefully they will make your travel plans easier. Flying your dog can be a pleasant experience if you are prepared.

Visit United Airlines for Tips on Flying with your dog:

All airlines require current health certificate (within 10 days of your trip) when transporting pets. It is also a good idea to carry a copy of your dog's current shot record and Rabies Tag/Certificate. Some states require proof of these items better to not be caught without them. Also make sure you have identification for your traveling companion. Make sure you check with your airline as to their specific requirements before going to the airport. Some require dogs be shipped in specific airline crate sizes. It has not been unheard of for someone to arrive at the airport and have them say you need a bigger crate before your pooch can fly.

When flying a dog, consider these items:

 A plastic bag full of dog food Ziploc gallon bags work great. 
 Bottled water Sport bottle with the sqeeze top.
 Plastic cable ties To secure crate door and in place of any missing screws.
 Large toenail clipper, Swiss army knife or scissors To cut cable ties.
 Health Certificate Must be with 10 days of scheduled flight.
 Acclimation Certificate/Letter Must be from a vet and list temperatures dog is acclimated to fly. Some airlines dog not require it. Better to have it in case they do require it. DO NOT TRUST person who made your reservation to know if it is required. ALWAYS be prepared. Many of times the reservationists or travel agents are not aware of the requirements. If you do not have the proper paperwork you and your dog may miss your flight.
 Plastic Crate bowls Double bowls or two single bowls required. You may be required to purchase them at the airport if you do not have them when you arrive.
 A printed sheet placed in a plastic sleeve that can be cable tied to the crate It should include information about where dog is going/staying, a contact person on both ends, the dog's name, an emergency contact, any important details about the dog, etc.
 Wheels (used to move crates) The type used to haul crates to and from a dog show work best. They can be checked with the dogs crate. That way it is easy to transport the dog on either end of the trip.
 Dog treats, bone, or favorite toy Carry them with you or pack them with the food/supplies.
 Poop Bags, Paper towels, Plastic garbage bag For easy clean up in case of an accident.

Also see Doggy Luggage

If you are flying with the dog and decide to cable tie the crate door shut, dog can be flown without a collar. Otherwise dog should be flown with a buckle or pull away collar that has proper identification. Choke and pinch collars are not recommended. If your dog is not microchipped consider having it done when you go to your vet for a health certificate.


Summer Flying Restrictions for Pets

Continental Airlines
Effective June 1, 2000, all pets traveling on Continental will be accepted only as cargo and will be coordinated through the carrier's QUICKPAK Live Animal Program.

Under the new 'pet safe' program, Continental will no longer accept pets as checked baggage effective June 1, 2000.

Continental will continue to accept small pets for travel in the cabin in
applicable market.

For more info. on restrictions for flying pets, see the websites for the following airlines:

Alaska -
American -
Continental -
Delta -
Northwest -
United -


Tips on flying with dogs

Whether I am trying to book a puppy's solo flight or looking for flights that will accommodate my accompanying #500 crates, I use the booking feature at Here you can sample up to 10 possible flight options and the resulting info includes plane size. I usually print the search out and was recently glad I did when a flight I had planned to use was cancelled at the other end for mechanical problems and referring to my list, I just moved down one counter and used the next airline. I tell my receivers to stand by for calls like this and it works like a charm if you have some traveling to get to the airport and you have to shop weather.

Reprinted with permission from Anne Sharpe - St Sacrement Beaucerons

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Shipping Your Dog

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Feathers and FurVan-Lines
P. O. Box 507
4644 Frontier Lane
Coquille, OR 97423
Phone: (541) 396-2758


Counter to counter

Used when dog is not flying with a passenger. Most airlines require that the dog be at the airline counter 1 hour before takeoff. It is more costly than Cargo but dog is treated more like excess or over size baggage. Not all airlines offer this service.



Used when dog is not flying with a passenger. Most airlines require that the dog be at the appropriate cargo terminal (usually on the opposite side of the airport) 2 hours before takeoff. If you are even 5 minutes late they have a right not not accept you dog. They need the time to do load balances and make there are not too many animals on board (to allow enough air per animal).


Sedate or not?

We do not believe in sedating dogs while flying. Some medications can slow your dogs respiration. Talk to your veterinarian about prescribed Valium to take the edge off. Some medications like ACE can slow respiration down. Also consider a holisitc medication. Be sure your dog is comfortable being in a crate in strange surroundings before flying your dog.



Many countries have been free of Rabies, unlike the USA. As a result, they have placed restrictions (quarantine) for pets travelling between the USA and themselves. If you are thinking about moving to or travelling to another country for an extended period of time make sure you check the rules for transporting your pet. For more information: USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Some countries are testing schemes to make it easier for dogs to travel to other countries. New regulations called the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS pilot scheme) have been set up in Britain by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) for period of one year only. The program will be assessed after that time.

Passports For Pets





Car vs. van

Many dogs will travel much better in a van than a car. Especially dogs/puppies who get car sick. Most travel best confined to a crate.

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Some dogs can do ok on a boat and others do not do as well. Before taking a dog out on a long trip take them for a short trip to make sure they are ok. It is also a good idea to see if your dog knows how to swim prior to your trip. Make sure you have a life jacket designed for dogs and it a size that will fit your dog correctly. Many dog catalogs will carry these life jackets.

Be careful to make sure your dog will not randomly jump off the boat, particularly when moving. A dog can jump into prop or get pulled into one by accident. They may also be pulled into a wake and drown.

Always use common sense when you are traveling by boat with your dog. Have plenty of fresh water available and if possible somewhere to get out of the sun for awhile (a canopy , etc.).

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