Statue of LibertyWestminster 2000
February 14th & February 15th

This was the first year we were able to attend Westminster in person. We decided to go to the show as a spectator in conjunction with going to see a litter of puppies in upstate New York. It was a delightful trip and we were able to visit with several other Dal breeders from the area. There were quite a few Dal breeders who flew in from various parts of the country just to see the show.

Every serious dog exhibitor should attend Westminster, either as a spectator or an exhibitor, at least once. It will give you a whole new perspective on the show. One of our most favorite parts of the show was being able to watch the indivdual breeds being judged. This was done during the day (untelevised) and then the Best of Breed winners competed in the groups in the evening (televised).

Dals being judged at Westminster 2000
(c) 2000 M. Deer

Judge, Bettie L. Krause, looking at her choices for BOB ("Jack" w/Carrie Jordan) & BOS ("Mocha" w/Meg Callea) (Entry 15)

Monday, February 14
Working Terrier Toy Non-Sporting

Tuesday, February 15
Sporting Hound Herding Best In Show


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