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What is a puppy mill?

A puppy mill is any type of a set up where the multiple dogs and sometimes multiple dogs breeds are kept in small crates. The Dam and Sire may spend their lives doing nothing but being breed and having puppies. Many times the dogs are not well cared for, receive no love and affection and never have the proper medical attention. In some cases, when the dogs are no longer useful to the owners of these puppy mills, they may be taken out back and shot or worse yet, left to starve.

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Is this where you want your next puppy to come from?

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Where Do Pet Shop Dogs Come From?

Many puppies from pet stores are the result of puppy millers. Sometimes they are kept in better conditions but the life is much the same. Pet
shops have grown wise to the public outcry against puppy mills. So they tell customers that their puppies come from local or good breeders. No resonsible breeder would allow their puppies they rasied to be dumped off at a pet store.


A list of USDA Dog dealers: http://www.nopuppymills.com/USDA/index.htm



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